Dr. Michele White

Dr. Michele White

Dr. Michele WhiteDr. Michele White is a Christ-Focused Wife, Parent, Licensed Counselor, Psychologist, speaker, and best-selling author. Her first book is “Against the Grain: Raising Christ-Focused Children from A to Z.”  Dr. White will release her second book “Digging in Family Style: An Interactive Bible Study Feast” early in 2021.

Dr. White and her best friend Paul were  married in 1993.   They have been blessed with five exceptional children and a beautiful granddaughter. She admits that they do not have every answer after more than two decades of raising children but have a strong love for the Lord and a desire to obey His calling to raise Christ-Focused children.

Dr. White is excited to share with you what He has shown her about biblical parenting.

Dr. White is the first to admit that she does not have a perfect family. They experience tantrums, fights, disobedience, and all the things that make parents drop to their knees in prayer. They have decided to go against the grain. This terminology, “against the grain,” is fascinating to Dr. White. She heard this terminology once in a sermon. The pastor talked about Christians needing to have the mentality of going against what the world says is acceptable and choosing a different path.

As a mother of five and grandmother, Dr. White’s goal is to share parental encouragement, biblical knowledge as a Christian, and clinical insight as a professional dealing with behavioral issues.


 Dr. Michele White welcomes the opportunity to speak to groups about the faith-based principles she discusses in her books. She has traveled the country as a speaker for various organizations. Dr. White also presents on multiple topics about living a Christ-Focused life. Dr. White held a Lecturer position at Wayne State University for many years.  She also designed, implemented, and lead an online course in biblical parenting for Cornerstone University.

Dr. White offers beneficial insights on dozens of parenting principles that are supported by Scripture – and she does so in a highly-engaging manner that resonates with those who are raising children or grandchildren. She will work closely with you to customize a presentation that meets an audience’s needs.

Dr. White is actively involved in ministry at her church. She is a deaconess, Chair of the Finance Team, and a member of the Praise and Worship group at her church.


 Dr. White Book SigningDr. White’s book Against the Grain: Raising Christ-Focused Children from A to Z,” Dr. Michele White takes a different path than most in navigating parenting challenges. Drawing on her experience as a counselor, behavioral psychologist, and mother of five, and grandmother of one, Dr. White has created an A-Z guide to timeless parenting wisdom.

Dr. White’s new book, “Digging In Family Style: An Interactive Bible Study Feast,” will be released early 2021.  Sign up here to receive notice when the book is released.

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“What I can say about Dr. White is that when she speaks, people listen. She is motivating, inspiring and catches the attention of everyone in the room.

Dr. White incorporates the most important pieces of her life in everything she does. God, her husband, and her children. She is truly and woman who not only walks the walk but talks the talk.”

– Maia L., Counselor



Dr White PodcastsDr. White produces weekly podcasts; including “Growing Together in Christ.” Join Dr. Michele White as she provides weekly encouragement for her audience to Grow Together in Christ. Various topics are covered based on Dr. White’s experiences.

Dr. White provides these conversations in audio and visual formats to reach others for Christ. You can find the graphic designs on Dr. White’s FacebookInstagram, and YouTube pages.

The podcast “Against the Grain Parenting,” is where Dr. White discusses parenting from a Christian perspective, encouraging her listeners to respond to the topics via social media. To find the podcasts, search “Dr. Michele White” (Michele with one “L”). Feel free to send her questions as well.

Guests will also be a part of the podcasts; they will speak on chapters of Dr. White’s book, “Against the Grain: Raising Christ-Focused Children from A to Z” and other parenting topics. She and her guests look forward to having you join the discussion of Christian parenting.


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A5 Family Connections

A5 Family Connections is a company created by Dr. White with the mission of “Inspiring Christ-Focused families and communities by teaching biblical principles and providing resources for daily living.”

Discover the tools and resources available to families.


A5 Scholarship Charity

 A5 Scholarship Charity is a non-profit established in 2018 by Dr. White that offers academic scholarships and community scholarships to organizations that strive to impact the lives of families and communities positively.

Learn more about A5 Scholarship Charity.

Deuteronomy 6:7 And you shall repeat them diligently to your sons and speak of them when you sit in your house, when you walk on the road, when you lie down, and when you get up.